Terms and Conditions

When you use www.essaydynamics.com and its services, it begins an agreement according to these Terms and Conditions. Kindly do not use any of our website’s services If you do not agree to the Terms & Conditions that we have laid down.

Www.essaydynamics.com is meant for users who are eighteen years old and above. All inappropriate use is restricted.

When you place an order in our website, it means that you have read our Terms and Conditions, and you have agreed to abide by it. By submitting an order and making payment, it an agreement to the stated Terms and Conditions

  1. Important Terms

In this document:

“Website” means Essaydynamics.com

“Client,” “You” or “Yours,” “Consumer” is anyone who is submitting, bidding, completing an order, uploading any data, or making payments on this website.

“Product” is any original essay, paper, or other written work created for the client according to their specified instructions.

An “Order” is the written work submitted electronically by the consumer on our website. The order is the complete work that adheres to the consumer requirements.

2. Services at Essaydynamics.com

Essaydynamics.com is a website that allows clients to look for writers, complete orders, communicate, place,  work in tandem, and pay for the work done. The Client takes all risks in using our services, and it is out of this that we advise them to check out the performance rating of the writers before agreeing to give them work and make payments.

Essaydynamics.com maintains the right to close a Writers’s or Customer’s access to their account if we deem it important to do so, especially when the writer or client engages in abusive behaviors, shares personal contacts or information with others,  spams, or breaks these Terms and Conditions.

Submitting orders or payments for services at Essaydynamics.com means that this transaction is personal and not for commercial use. All the work that has been written by our freelance writers on our website is owned, with all ownership rights, by Essaydynamics.com. Any product that has been written for a consumer is not refundable and does not have any warranties or guarantee. For more information about the services at Essaydynamics.com, kindly look at our FAQ page. It is a requirement that all consumers read and understand our FAQs and Term and Conditions before making and order, completing an order or making payment for the written product

Essaydynamics.com have the exclusive rights to suspend or terminate a customers or writers account. Once an account has been terminated, the writer cannot access his money for at least 90 days in order to settle any complains that may arise from the customer.

3 months after deadline of the order as submitted by the customer, the order is automatically closed by the system and no more query or discussions can be addressed on the same.

Essaydynamics does not offer exam writing services

3.No Plagiarism

Essay dynamics maintains a zero tolerance to plagiarism. Once you have agreed to Essaydynamic’s Terms and Conditions after submitting an order, you should understand that Essay dynamics as a company retain the right to cancel all former contracts, arrangements, agreements, or arrangements, with those who try to submit plagiarized works as originals. Any product provided by our consumers should not be discussed with third parties nor can they be used for commercial use. Moreover, you the writer  must understand and agree that if you are caught submitting plagiarized works, you are automatically disqualified from future collaboration and cooperation with Essaydynamics.com in our works and services.

At no time should consumers use their names on delivered products from the company. All written products provided from consumers are to be used for reference or research or use only. Any uploaded or shared texts by the consumer or ideas are to be used for explanatory purposes only. If the consumer decides to use anything from our written products, it must be attributed and referenced to Essaydynamics.com.

Essay dynamics does not condone or encourage any form of plagiarism or any form of academic dishonesty by consumers. The company, partners, and affiliates obey and enforce copyright laws. If they are infringed upon at any time, the guilty party is legally liable for illegal,  inappropriate, unethical and wrong use of the written materials or products originating from Essaydynamics.com. Some of these penalties are, but not limited to, academic probation, suspension, and expulsion for illegally using our material for personal gain.

If a writer uploads a plagiarized job, Essaydynamics will carry out the following actions

1.Termination of the writer’s account

  1. Suspension of the account pending determination of the customers complain.
  2. Refund to the customer 100% of the amount already submitted by the customer.
  3. if the plagiarism is more than 20%, the writer can either have his account suspended or a fine imposed as to be determined by essaydynamics.com.
  1. Copyright and Personal Use

The products created for our consumers are entirely original. Essay Dynamics and its affiliates retain the copyrights for all written products by its consumers for other consumers or affiliates.

Products and other materials delivered to our consumers from our website are meant for strictly non-commercial personal use. When you complete an order, it means that you have also agreed not to hold the company responsible for any unauthorized use.  After placing an order, you are required not to submit, edit, distribute, publish, make works based on the executed order, or exploit any company products or content without prior written permission from the company. Any unauthorized use of delivered products or content can lead to criminal or civil proceedings for the responsible party.

Essay dynamics.com follows and respects the intellectual property rights of others. Once you believe that you have received work that is plagiarized, immediately contact customer support to solve any possible copyright infringement.

www.essaydynamics.com has the policy of addressing any and all allegations of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Any product or paper completed by the company is not intended to be given, sold, or discussed by the client to any other third parties or people. All information in regards to our services is to be exclusively confidential



5.Links Disclaimer

Though www.essaydynamics.com includes links to other websites, this does not mean that we approve or promise that these websites or their links comply with Essaydynamics.com’s Terms and Conditions.

The company is not responsible for, does not own, and does not control the content of the website that the consumer is lead to from the links in our website. If you decide to visit these links, know that you are visiting them at your risk, which is stated explicitly in our Terms and conditions.


  1. No Refunds

Once the consumer has gone over the completed written work and has not made a request for any revisions by the stated deadline, all company products become non-refundable. There are no refunds after your order is completed and you have accepted it by making payment.

You can get a refund from the Essay dynamics, in exceptional circumstances, but it should be noted that it is provided at the discretion of the company.
Before you make payment as a customer to a writer, you must confirm and agree that you have thoroughly read the finished written product, have accepted it, and will make no claims to www.essaydynamics.com in regards to it. Once you click the button RELEASE PAYMENT, it means that you have read and you are comfortable with the delivered part of the paper. By clicking the button RELEASE PAYMENT tab, you cannot request for a refund bacause by clicking the button you directly imply that the product is written according to your instructions.

However the customer has the rights to ask for unlimited revisions of the work until he or she is

Once you have paid 100% of the money, further uploads, corrections, or consumer communication is restricted in regards to that order. We at www.essaydynamics.com urge all our consumers,  to double-check any forwarded written work before making the final payment to any given consumer.

If your order is still in not completed in 7 days since the deadline for the order has expired, and the writer has uploaded a part or the whole paper, but you as the customer did not release equal payment to your writer, the system will release the payment by default. So ensure you finalize your order as a customer before the deadline.


  1. Privacy and Security

The posted Privacy Policy on our website can be used as a reference to understand the company’s practices and policies extensively in regards to the collection, storage and use of online consumers and guest information. Access our privacy policy to understand how your personal information and privacy is maintained


  1. Warranties

After submitting your order and/or after making payment, it is important for the consumer to agree and abide by all of the above-listed statements  and these below:

  •    All written products from or for our clients are meant to be only used for research, academic or reference purpose in accordance with certain citation styles like MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.
  •    Any and all information, including ideas, from Essaydynamics.com’s written product, is required to be properly referenced by the consumer in case they use it in future.
  •    All rendered services from our website must have payment in due to the time and effort taken to gather, correct,  organize, edit, and deliver the final product to them on its completion. In addition, payment for services is also used for website maintenance so that future consumers may also enjoy our services
  • Any written products created by Essaydynamics.com’s consumers are indeed owned by the company, its affiliates, and its partners,  and fully own all authorship rights.
  •   Using our services automatically implies that you, the consumer, agree to receive promotions like company discounts, special offers, and contests. However, It is still possible to unsubscribe from or to subscribe to them directly from your personal company website.
  1. Warranty Disclaimer

The company does not promise any warranties or appearances of warranties in regards to our website or any of its content, implied or stated, and that may come up legally or in any other way. This is made up but not limited to warranties of merchantability or the suitability for a contravening purpose or any other implied guarantees or warranties that come about from the initiation or result with trade. At no time is any guarantee made by the company that what we run do not have errors and we are, therefore, not to be found responsible for any negative outcomes that come as a result of website errors.

The consumer has the sole responsibility of making sure that there is correctness, completeness, usefulness or accuracy of any opinion, information, advice, opinion, or any other content that is in affiliation to our service or any that are available on our company website.

The use of essaydynamics conforms to education standards and does breach not any rules and regulations that have been set by educational institutions. Our services are entirely legal.

9.Liability Limitation

By accepting and agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions listed above, you as the consumer agree not to hold the company liable. This includes but not limited to the company consumers,  its employees, agents, affiliates, its shareholders, directors, subsidiaries, officers, agents, representatives, promotions, advertisers and fulfillment agencies. The company will not be liable for any other data source, information, legal help for third party providers or responsible for any losses, actions, help, claims and rights that come with being in a relationship with our company.

This is made up of written products but not limited to software, hardware, the internet, network, email or any difficulties of any kind. It also includes unclear, poor computer transmissions, delayed and failed communication.

The company will not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries that are related to the consumer using our services either attained or perceived. You also agree not to hold the company liable for any condition or events that are beyond the control of the company including typographical errors or any printing errors that occur within our website, services or company materials.

The company will not be held legally liable or accept responsibility for any indirect or direct, consequential, punitive or any damages that caused by directly using this website.

The consumer, you, acknowledge and agree that you will not hold either the company, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates responsible for any demand, suit, claim, any legal fees that are made by third parties due to using the services that we provide or using our website.

The writer has the obligation of following all the customers instructions and directions on the said order

  1. Amendments

You as the writer or customer must accept and agree that all the above-listed Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions may be changed completely or in part by the company without any prior warning being submitted. It is paramount for the consumer, you, to go through the Term and Conditions often to check on any changes.