rain of gold


Every writing has a message that is desired to be communicated for a certain group or  a general message for the members of the public. Writing a book also is the same articulation with a message being intended for certain grouping either of current or future generation. The composition of the characters within the storyline or the involvement of the writer’s words seems to define the nature of that story either a real story or just a fiction subject intended to cause certain impact or educate the people. Looking at most stories they carry a fictional revelation so as to be able to get the attention of the current and recent generation of whom believe in some entertaining other than the olden happenings in the past. However, other stories are generated on the view of history and real information that might have happened within a certain time even though that does not exist in the current world. Viewing from the readings, it is imperative and prudent to ascertain that the book “Rain of Gold” is an historical book rather than fiction for several reasons as discussed in the paper.


Two different cultures: The writer of the book happens to write about a culture that he has not grown about but just heard stories from their parents. At the age of two years, the parents and family of Grann moved with him from Mexico to North America where they have stayed for so many years. According to Victor refers to the book as “The Big Laatino Book That Wasn’t” a sign that shows it was a culture that the writer was or had not privilege of growing in although he takes in to write about it in his book. The indication from this take was that the writer had existed within two cultures although it is in one, American that he was familiar with other than the Latin culture where her parents traces their roots. It is correct to ascertain that the existence in that culture and the people within it had a story that the writer was familiar with as of being A Mexican American and thus the pure Mexican culture still existed different from what was in America. Finding himself intertwined between two cultures, the writer tries to join the dots of her roots before landing in America with his parents who are full of praise for their own original culture. Establishing this gesture gives an indication that the book story line gives an historical perspective of the Mexican culture and roots and not a fiction story since also in the American society they existed in a certain setting of culture different from what the original Mexican culture stipulates.

Evolution of cultures and lifestyle: The act of evolution indicates things change from what they used to be during certain times and adopt new applications such as beliefs and practices especially with the onset of new entrants or new generation taking over from the ancient. The Book “Rain of Gold” is a clear historical book with a story relevant to reveal the evolution of the Mexican people and especially the author’s family to Mexican Americans different from the earlier generation that is their parents. In his own confession, the author having been in a new world and generation different from his grandparents generation seems to doubt the stories from her grandmother who explains their roots in Mexican and the revolution of Cuban President Fidel Castro who introduced the communism model in Cuba even though many were against it in their country. Having a reference of Fidel Castro who was still the President of Cuba during that period allows the author to cut short his disbelief and indeed give a granting order of the story to be true.  Also the grandparent narrate about how days used to be during their times in Mexico before the shift in America and before the new generation came to being in the recent world. The author first doubts were based on what he sees as today’s practices and resonates to view as if certain things that could not happen. He makes a judgment out of the experience in their current generation without even figuring what will be of the beliefs they hold today in the near future. The inventions and current innovations such as from their articles and books do not reflect what used to be there before. On the front of “children of another culture” it tells deep about the difference in things that happened for the parents  from what has happened to their children. He finally accepts to write on the story so as when he gets children, he will have something to tell them about their originality even though things will have changed.  It is prudent to reveal indeed the book drives to articulate the history of the people and their earlier culture even though things have evolved and continue to evolve different.

Title of the book, “Rain of gold” produces a definition of the historical nature that what the publishers want to have the book called. The author of the book puts forth his articulate nature to deliver on a promise of tracing back his roots through the writing and keeping a record on which his children and those to follow will have something to reference and be able to know their real origin. That is the reason he gives his book a real title that sounds more realistic to the eyes of the reader even though not attractive. On the other edge some of the publishers want to have the name changed to another faction such as “Rio Grande” which is a fictional title in reference to the movie John Wayne. The naming of the book in that title of a fiction element would make the book sound fictional and not real and effect to entertain the audience especially the current generation. The application reveals indeed the book is not a fictional tale, but the publishers wanted to make it to seem fictional. The author stands his ground to even cancel the contract with the publishers since he felt the book being an historical story did not have to be identified wrongly as  fiction story and hence maintenance of the name. that is how historic the book title reveals its content.


Stories written on books seem to contain the character of reality or fiction depending on the intention of the story and target group. Looking at the documents in relation to the book “Rain of Gold” it is prudent to realize the historical revelation of the book. From the existence of author in two different cultures, evolution of the culture and generation, as well as the intention of the book title, the view brings an historic gesture. Although people might try to argue that its fiction and such things did not happen, the view from the documents it gives a different view. In conclusion, the relevance of the book “Rain of Gold” covers an historical background and not fictional.