Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is enacted with intentions of improving our services to be a top-notch company without compromising the security of our clients and writers. However, the essential elements of our Privacy Policy will not change; it is worthwhile for a user to review them from time to time.

Collected User Information from users browser

The information EssayDynamics collects from users when they browse our website is used purely for purposes of improving our services to be more efficient ahead of other competitors. Notably, the customer information that is the payment data and personal information will not and will never be shared with other outside parties.

The information that we collect when users browse our website includes the type of browser, IP address access times, operating system and cookies according to the browser being used for the only customization of your web page.


Cookies are often used to records that distinguish a PC to its server. Thus, they are intended to recognize the PC yet not the client by name. Fundamentally, EssayDynamics utilizes cookies to collect and analyze information about our web traffic so that we can further improve our services. Cookies can successfully gauge the amount of time any given client spends on our site’s pages. Eminently, clients will be informed when cookies are being utilized, and they maintain whatever authority is needed to turn them off when required. On the other hand, certain individualized components on our site won’t function admirably if you do this.

Use of elective information

When users visit our web page, they may be required to give out some personal information such as the name, contact details, and email address.  Such information is treated with a lot of confidentiality and will never be shared with other parties. This information is used purely for identification purpose and as a means of giving feedback to our users.

Future Amendments or improvement of our Privacy Policy

Any adjustments to our protection arrangement may not be communicated to our clients directly. However, we strongly advise all our users to keep on checking our Privacy Policy regularly.   The SECURITY put in place by EssayDynamics protects our customers from misuse, loss or alteration of information you provide to us.

Links Disclaimer

For purposes of sharing some information with our clients, EssayDynamics may provide links to federal government agencies, state, local agencies or other organizational websites.  The content of these links does not necessarily constitute content, services, opinions, products, views, products, accessibility or policies. Hence, in an occasion where users choose to follow any of our links, EssayDynamics is not responsible for the outcome on the other website.

Prohibited Disclosures

The capable commissioner has the elite right to utilize data from both employers and workers as associated with this protection strategy.

This current site’s data is not open for proper utilization and cannot be used as a part of any legitimate court activities amid any lawful activity or something else unless the official is indeed at shortcoming for the other party’s guaranteed transgression. An advantages case will be dead set, and the influenced gatherings will be given the choice by just the magistrate’s official conclusion. Users should not look at any time-share personal information with other users for security purposes.

Users should put into account that our privacy policy may change from time to time as EssayDynamics is working tirelessly to improve its services.  Therefore, we strongly advise all our users to keep on checking our Privacy Policy regularly.

Information access in our website

You can always ask to be provided with any personal information that EssayDynamics holds about you.  You can also ask to rectify any inaccurate personal information, however; the procedure attracts a separate fee of $35 to process your request.  It should be noted that the application for this date should be in line with terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Our, users can always engage with our support at any time of the day.