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Across the world, the police department major role is to ensure that citizens follow the rule of law. It is, however, true that in their line of duty, the actions of police officers are affected by organizational and environmental factors. In a way these factors will have an impact on how the officer in question performs his or her duties. Following this allegation, a research was conducted to find out how organizational and environmental determinants affect police activities. This was not an easy task because information the researcher required was not easily provided by the police agencies.

One thing that was noted is that the beside the size of the police organization,other aspects affect how law enforcers carry out their duties, for example, police officers are not supposed to report to anyone the number of people they kill during an operating. The research concluded that some organizational determinants of police activities will include, complexity of the task, technology, culture, span of control, coupling and many others. To understand these determinants and how they affect the police activities, an officers working at a bureaucratization department serves the role of helping the citizens instead of that of a law enforcer (Raines, 2010).

In the conclusion, the ideas presented by the author are logical in that in a given work area, there factors that will affect how workers perform their activities. In this context, we find a police officer providing services to the community but at other scenario, the same police officer serves a very different role. Following how the author urged his facts, it is clear that he was well informed on the topic he presented. Reflecting on the objective of this research, it is true that both organizational and environmental forces affect police activities.




Raines, J. B. (2010). Ethics in policing: Misconduct and integrity. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.