Legacy of the Greece


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(2 Pages) What is the legacy of Ancient Greece?

Explain the impact of Ancient Greek society to the modern Western World. (Pay special attention to law, literature, philosophy, sculpture, and architecture.)
Q: Do we need to use outside sources? A: No. You may rely only on the textbook and course materials, however, you must cite all quoted and paraphrased material.

Q: For paper 1, do we need to explain the legacy of all of the themes listed (law, literature, philosophy, sculpture, and architecture)? A: You need to address at least three, but may address all of them if you choose. The textbook: R. Matthews et al. Experience Humanities, revised 7th edition (8th edition) PS: I also have all power points from the course, if needed.



                                                      Legacy of the Greece
            Inheritance of Greece can be characterized as administrative frameworks that were put aside for the Greek people group to take after. In straightforward terms, inheritance can be characterized as specific customs that were trailed by Greece individuals yet they are passed starting with one era then onto the next. There were sure conventions and information that diverse culture from Greece had that is as yet rehearsed in the present day world (Thomas, 1988). The way that the antiquated Greece was spread everywhere throughout the states, it is trusted that they impacted the lives of many societies in current western world. This involves they changed numerous things that are done by present day western groups. For example, there were five inheritances that they should be trailed by all Greece individuals. Studies contend that the effect of a portion of the practices that were completed by Greece people group is still found in Today’s reality. For example, Ancient Greece kept up a generous heritage in governmental issues. This implies they regarded with or without laws that were set. This is regularly observed with the presentation of vote based system. They enabled natives to practice political forces and in this way, nationals were permitted to wrangle on each issue that could emerge.

In connection to this, they were permitted to vote in favor of each issue that could emerge with respect to laws. This is essentially found in current western world, as a national regularly has control over their fate. With this regard, it can be seen that a portion of the exercises that were completed by old Greece are as yet rehearsed in Modern Western world. As per Matthews, et al., (2013), different customs of old Greece had affected diverse part of current society everywhere throughout the world.

                        The impact of Ancient Greece society to the modern western world

As stated above, various traditions that were followed by Greece organizations have changed a lot in the facets of numerous people especially in the modern western world.


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