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This is an argumentative essay. About vulnerability in US cyber-security. The citation has been included in the document.



Vulnerabilities in US Cyber-Security

Cyber security has become a major area of concern throughout the world, and especially the US becoming vulnerable to cyber-crime. In June 2016, TVs shown brought breaking news detailing how hackers working for the Russian government had hacked into one of the America major political parties and stole vital information. With the rising cyber-security breaches chances are you, or someone you know has been affected by some recent cyber-attack in the US, maybe losing personal information or unauthorized use of your credit card information or anything data related.

As the US depends more on the computerized world, the rising of technology and computerization has opened doors to increasingly aggressive attacks. Successful cyber-attack can inflict great harm on America from both national security and economic standpoint. While there is no guaranteed way to prevent all cyber-attacks, there are basic steps to educate citizens about cyber-attack and how to mitigate it. There are various types of cyber-attack and hackers are getting more sophisticated every day. The US has become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and this research paper, will explore how vulnerable the US is to Cyber-attacks, through the discipline of technology, psychology, and political science.






How is the US most vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

Cyber-attack is an indirect war that is fought at the comfort of a computer by hackers. The rise of technology and computerization have contributed to increased cyber-attacks. The constant infrastructure connectivity and unending innovations have sophisticated cyber-attacks and hackers are now doing it for profit. A successful cyber-attack in the US will cause great harm to national security and the economy.

Literally cyber activity has been on the rise with direct proportion to the rising technology, with America having so many adversaries it is much vulnerable to cyber-attacks especially from such countries that want to take economic control like China and Russia flexing muscles for superiority over the U.S in power.


Hackers are getting sophisticated, which require a new line of security defenses.

Due to sophistication of digital systems, cyber-attacks have also become sophisticated. Unlike some years ago cyber-attacks are now done by well-funded and organized threat actors that are motivated by financial gains and also political mileage. Even with the heavy spending on traditional defense mechanisms organizations have experienced new generation cyber-attacks which bypass traditional firewalls, security gateways, and antiviruses. This necessitates for real-time information and intelligence sharing system that can identify threat agents and targeted assets as opposed to reliance on repetitive signature scanning. (Tounsi)