Implementation Schedule Development

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The document attached call Implementation Schedule must be re-written with new company True North Coffee.

Also attached is 3 previous papers about true north for reference Paper description: Planning is important for success.

This week’s assignment has you developing the change plan in detail. What is your recommendation to your client for integrating the change in their organization? Develop a plan which follows the Change Model selected and includes:

How will you communicate the plan?

Announce the launch? Promote the benefits of the change? What is your step-by-step implementation of the plan?

What is the time frame for implementing the change? Schedule for each step of the plan? (Set this in a chart format)

Who are the key personnel and what are their responsibilities in effecting the change? Who will be most affected by the change?

How have you prepared them? What systems within the organization will be impacted by the change?

How have you made them better able to cope with the change?

The paper should be professionally written, free of grammatical and spelling errors, and follow APA format.

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