high school portfolio speech

Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to be here at this moment. Becoming a nurse has been one of my dreams since I was at a tender age. Studying nursing is a professional that a person is born with for there are many difficulties that are faced. During my high school, I was aiming at pursuing nursing, and I had the belief that one day I will be a registered nurse. Back in high school, I developed various growths which include, communication and excellent leadership skills.

Communication skills are necessary for the profession since I will be able to communicate with the patients effectively. Being a nurse requires that a person is efficient and they are competent in all the services that they offer to the patients. It involves a lot of effort and dedication for one to take care of the patient and build a relationship with them. With communication skills, I am in a position where I can communicate and efficiently respond to the questions and the issues that arise between the patient in the hospital. Leadership behavior has a significant impact on most of the staff members. As a senior nurse, I must be in a position where I can acknowledge the importance of the role and recognize that the junior staff is relying on my leadership for them to develop their professional skills. I am working to meet up with different people that come from different places and those that come from different backgrounds. I am working hard so that I can be able to earn values such as empathy and care. Kuder assessment has enabled me to build skills and confidence as well as come up with work values that are necessary as a nurse. This kind of assessment helped me in determining the level of interest that I have in all areas of interest. I intend to join the University of California, Davis since this is an institution that has goals such as advancement, generation, and application of Knowledge that are tied to my primary objectives. My determination for studying nursing is majorly influenced by various people.