Confidentiality Policy is geared towards ensuring that the Confidentiality Policy is not bleached. When users visit our site, we collect only emails when placing an order and thus it can never be diclosed to third party including our staff or writers. To maintain privacy we have introduced principles of confidentiality and we urge all clients to follow them. However, it has come to our concern that some clients tend to ignore the insightful principles of confidentiality by communicating and sharing some personal information with the writers.This is not and will never be allowed by

Kindly, we urge all our customers to follow the following outline Confidentiality Policy:
1. Clients/ customers should not share personal information with writers.
Do not share your personal contacts with your writer. The personal contact referred to her includes personal names, email address, mobile or phone number, the area of residence and college login. strongly discourages sharing of college log in information with writers. Thus, we advise customers to download the needed material from the colleges and upload them on the site instead of giving out their login details.
Therefore, in case of any inquiry, assistance you can always reach us through as we are there 24/7 ready to assist you as best as we can

2. We discourage customers from dealing with writers directly via emails, PayPal, wire transfers or any other methods of payments. Doing so exposes you to fraud, and our company will not be responsible for that. Always remembers that it is safe and secure to make payment through the website, as we do not collect your personal information. We strongly insist that customers should keep their communication with writers confidential at all times.

3. Writers should not share any personal information with the customers. This includes but not limited to email address, website links,telephone number or personal number. Breach of this will lead to stern action being taken according to our terms and conditions