Political and social effects of IMF and World Bank in Brazil

Type of paper: Research paper

Topic: Research the political or social effects of the World Bank or IMF on a particular nation.

Pages: 8 pages / 2200 words

Discipline: Political science

Type of service: Writing from scratch

Format or citation style: APA

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Complete a 2000–2200 word term paper on your chosen topic. You will be expected to address your topic using the conceptual framework developed in the course, within a relevant sense of history, and drawing on empirical evidence or legal evidence as required.

Try to use at least 6 academic sources. No Wikipedia!

We recommend that you take an organic approach to building your research paper. Start writing before you start your literature research! Try to get your own voice on paper first, including the questions that you have in your mind. Then, research to explore your own thinking further, to learn what others think of the issue, and to find facts that support or refute your initial views. Answer the questions that were on your mind. Revise your draft as you go along. Keep each of your drafts (POLI 3991 Project draft 1, 2, 3, etc.). This helps you follow the evolution of your own thoughts.

Keep in mind that regardless of the topic or research question you choose, you will need to develop a clear thesis and provide evidence from your research to support your argument (i.e., to defend your position).

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