Keynes Vs. Hayek on inflation


Research Paper: economics

10 pages

Format of citation: APA

Number of cited resources: 10

Write a 10 page paper on John keynes/Fredrick hayek on inflation. when i asked him what he expected out of the paper this was his reply “Keynes and hayek had a debate over Hayek’s book, I think Prices and production, which Piero Sraffa joined in. Austrians keep writing about it as if it wasn’t a total romp on Keynes side. You can look at this, much of the debate was in journals, but there could be letters (Keynes wrote letters like mad). Dr. Mongiovi would be a real expert on this. You can send him an email asking his advice, he would be happy to give some help I am sure. There are lots of articles on this, but if you can find an exchange of letters as well it would be really interesting. Library will have collected writings (I have some of the volumnes, I will look to see what I have). Keynes gave a good review of Road to serfdom and they were friends, but there followers don’t get along.”
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