Court Life of Japanese and Samurai Way of Life

Court Life of Japanese and Samurai Way of Life

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Attached are the directions for Paper 5, please disregard pre-writing 5 instructions and only focus on the fifth paper assignment. Also attached are the readings where you must get your sources from. There are 3 different sources that must all be incorporated in the paper, 8.3,8.5 A and B, and 8.6. I will also attach a cover of the book so you can properly cite in Chicago style. 500-600 words. ALSO must have a clear thesis statement!!! very important. Please contact if you have any further questions, thank you



                Court Life of Japanese and Samurai Way of Life

Samurai way life involved domination of the people by a male whereby initially, the Japanese people were rule by some of the female who also participate in property inheritance. Nevertheless, female who were raised during the samurai period were impacted a culture that stipulated that female were inferior as compared to male. The people focuses on the loyal life of the Japanese in reference to the samurai way of life.

According to the samurai way of life, marriages were arrange by the female which incorporate culture such as bearing of the male child who would later inherit the properties. Reference to some classification, lower class women experience difficult life situation as compared to the noble counterparts. Although noble seemed to encounter better they did not have much freedom as compared to the lower class women during the period of the samurai.

According to the samurai culture, individuals who involved themselves in activities such as poetry and acting novels were classified as wealthy individuals. In the life of the Japanese, the women seemed to have achieved many right and they took part in some activities such as readership roles. In time women role as leaders seemed to decrease with time. The structure adopted diminished with time and the role gradually changed.

Keeping up the family was the principle obligation of samurai ladies. This was particularly urgent amid early Japan, when warrior spouses were frequently voyaging abroad or occupied with faction fights. The spousewas left to deal with all family unit undertakings, look after the youngsters, and maybe even shield the home persuasively. Therefore, numerous ladies of the samurai class were prepared in using, which they could use to secure their family, family, and respect if the need emerged.


Attributes esteemed in ladies of the samurai class were modesty, submission, discretion, quality, and dependability. Preferably, a samurai spouse would be gifted at overseeing property, keeping records, managing money related matters, instructing the kids and tending to elderly guardians or in-laws that might live under her rooftop. Confucian law, which characterized individual connections and the code of morals of the warrior class required that a lady indicate subservience to her significant other, dutiful devotion to her folks, and care to the kids. A lot of adoration and love was likewise said to enjoy and ruin the youths. Along these lines, a lady was additionally to practice teach.

Despite the fact that ladies of wealthier samurai families delighted in advantages of their raised position in the public arena, for example, maintaining a strategic distance from the physical work that those of lower classes regularly occupied with, they were still seen as far underneath men. Ladies were denied from participating in any political undertakings and were generally not the leaders of their family unit.

According to the detailed information provided, it is evident that samurai way of life diverted from the loyal way of the Japanese. The result come up with new approach to the new life situations. Although changes emerged during that period samurai, thesediversification did not influence the loyalty of the society.








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Strayer, Robert W., and Eric W. Nelson. 2016. Thinking through sources for ways of the world. Boston: Bedford/St Martin’s.

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  • Criminology
  • Research Paper, 2 pages

In a 2–4-page paper, describe a personal experience in which you or someone you know had to make a moral decision—for example, cheating on an exam, stealing out of necessity, or being forced to give up a personal freedom. Include the following in your paper: How did you approach the situation? What steps or actions would or should you take? What are some of the positive and negative consequences for the action that you take? Based on your answer, what ethical theory best describes your approach? Define and critique the differences between the concepts of morality and ethics. Are there similarities between the two concepts? Describe moral principles (beneficence, least harm, respect for autonomy, and justice). Incorporate normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics, and discuss one or more the following modern ethical theories: consequentialism, deontology, and virtue theories, taken from utilitarianism, Kantianism, and Aristotelianism. Relate free will and reason theories to the moral or ethical dilemma


Moral decision
It was an early morning I was in a rush to go to work. I had been stuck in traffic for half an hour or so. I was running late and I could not afford to waste any time. With time, traffic flowed and within five minutes the roads were clear. I drove hastily to ensure that I did not arrive late. On my way, I came across a lady that was besieged with a flat tire. I was in a hurry. Therefore, if I decided to help her out I would inevitably run late (for an estimated twenty minutes, which was not against corporate rules). If I chose to ignore her, my conscience would not give me rest. After weighing the two implications, I decided to help out the lady. After approaching the lady and assessing the extent of damage. I discovered that the tire could only be fixed by a mechanic (an expert). I offered the lady a ride to the nearest mechanic shop. The lady was escorted by one of the mechanics to where she had parked her car. The lady took off (to get her vehicle fixed) and I took off to work.
Impacts of the decision I decided to make
By deciding to give the lady a ride, I was able to assist her in solving her current problem. The lady was able to get her car fixed hence; she proceeded with her daily activities without struggle (through my behavior I was able to maximize goodness). On a rather negative note, I arrived at work fifteen minutes past time. According to the work place policies, a worker is penalized if he or she arrives an hour after the set time. Therefore, I was on the “safer side”. Judging by the impacts of the decision I made, it is evident that the positive outweigh the negative.
The ethical approach I incorporated
Judging by the decision I made, it is correct to say that I incorporated the consequential ethical approach. The consequential approach is one that requires one to assess the impacts of a decision before making it. Before I decided to help the lady out, I assessed the implications that would follow. I discovered that I would arrive twenty minutes (or so) late. However, this implication would not compare to the guilt I would feel, if I chose to ignore the lady. After weighing the two, I chose to confidently push through with the decision I made (Spinoza, 2001).
Concepts of morality and ethics
Ethics may be described as rules that are set by an external source requiring an individual to follow each rule. On the other hand, morals are rules or principles that are set by the individual. There are certain differences between ethics and morals. Ethics are governed by factors such as legal and professional principles. These legal and professional principles change over time, meaning that the ethics change over time too. On the other hand, morals are governed by norms and principles (such as least harm beneficence, justice, and respect for autonomy) that take time to change, meaning that morals do not change over time. The two notions also have similarities. Both relate in the sense that, they dwell on two similar aspects. The two (ethics and morals) rely fully on being right or wrong (Spinoza, 2001).
The virtues approach
The virtues theory is a theory that incorporates virtues such as goodness, kindness, and so on. The virtues are used to offer guidance to people, when it comes to distinguishing right from wrong. In the virtues approach, people are encouraged to embrace good character that will in turn enable them to make moral decisions that meet the conform to the ethics (Gardiner, 2005).

Gardiner, S. M. (2005). Virtue ethics, old and new. Ithaca, N.Y: Cornell University.
Spinoza, B. . (2001). Ethics. Ware: Wordsworth Editions.


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Legacy of the Greece


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(2 Pages) What is the legacy of Ancient Greece?

Explain the impact of Ancient Greek society to the modern Western World. (Pay special attention to law, literature, philosophy, sculpture, and architecture.)
Q: Do we need to use outside sources? A: No. You may rely only on the textbook and course materials, however, you must cite all quoted and paraphrased material.

Q: For paper 1, do we need to explain the legacy of all of the themes listed (law, literature, philosophy, sculpture, and architecture)? A: You need to address at least three, but may address all of them if you choose. The textbook: R. Matthews et al. Experience Humanities, revised 7th edition (8th edition) PS: I also have all power points from the course, if needed.



                                                      Legacy of the Greece
            Inheritance of Greece can be characterized as administrative frameworks that were put aside for the Greek people group to take after. In straightforward terms, inheritance can be characterized as specific customs that were trailed by Greece individuals yet they are passed starting with one era then onto the next. There were sure conventions and information that diverse culture from Greece had that is as yet rehearsed in the present day world (Thomas, 1988). The way that the antiquated Greece was spread everywhere throughout the states, it is trusted that they impacted the lives of many societies in current western world. This involves they changed numerous things that are done by present day western groups. For example, there were five inheritances that they should be trailed by all Greece individuals. Studies contend that the effect of a portion of the practices that were completed by Greece people group is still found in Today’s reality. For example, Ancient Greece kept up a generous heritage in governmental issues. This implies they regarded with or without laws that were set. This is regularly observed with the presentation of vote based system. They enabled natives to practice political forces and in this way, nationals were permitted to wrangle on each issue that could emerge.

In connection to this, they were permitted to vote in favor of each issue that could emerge with respect to laws. This is essentially found in current western world, as a national regularly has control over their fate. With this regard, it can be seen that a portion of the exercises that were completed by old Greece are as yet rehearsed in Modern Western world. As per Matthews, et al., (2013), different customs of old Greece had affected diverse part of current society everywhere throughout the world.

                        The impact of Ancient Greece society to the modern western world

As stated above, various traditions that were followed by Greece organizations have changed a lot in the facets of numerous people especially in the modern western world.


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