Sherlock Holmes

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Topic: Sherlock Holmes

Pages: 5 pages / 1375 words

Discipline: English and Literature

Format or citation style: MLA

Paper instructions:

5 to 7 full pages of text. In-text citation. MLA works cited page.

Sherlock Holmes has been adapted more than any other character in the English language. For this, your research-informed essay and attendant presentation, I would like you to look at one Sherlock Holmes adaptation and analyze it. This may take the form of looking closely at a direct adaptation such as Sherlock, Elementary, or the Robert Downey/Jude Law franchise. You may also address genre adaptations such as the multiple television series we have viewed this semester or adaptations aimed directly at children—Sherlock Hound or Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. There are also dozens of stand-alone Holmes feature film adaptations. In addition, television series based on the Holmes and Watson archetype—Monk, Psych, Bones, or Law and Order: Criminal Intent. If you have other ideas, feel free to ask. The goal of this assignment is to delve both deeply and critically into a Sherlock Holmes adaptation. There are literally hundreds of Sherlock Holmes retellings—any of these are open to you. If you select a television series, you will need to watch at least the first season—minimum. If you select a film franchise, you will need to watch its entirety.

I expect a deep familiarity with your subject matter. You must actually make a claim and support it. The more interesting and risk-taking, the better. Remember, you will be presenting your paper to the class. You are required to use audio or visual material in your presentation, so keep this in mind as you are researching and writing your papers. It will save you a lot of time

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