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Epidemiology Paper Requirements Include the following in your assignment: Description of the communicable disease (causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, complications, treatment) and the demographic of interest (mortality, morbidity, incidence, and prevalence). Describe the determinants of health and explain how those factors contribute to the development of this disease. Discuss the epidemiologic triangle as it relates to the communicable disease you have selected. Include the host factors, agent factors (presence or absence), and environmental factors. (The textbook describes each element of the epidemiologic triangle). Explain the role of the community health nurse (case finding, reporting, data collecting, data analysis, and follow-up). Identify at least one national agency or organization that addresses the communicable disease chosen and describe how the organization(s) contributes to resolving or reducing the impact of disease. A minimum of three references is required.

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MLA referencing style is one of the commonest styles used in modern academic papers. The MLA Handbook 8th edition provides guidelines for the contemporary use of referencing using the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. In most instances, the guidelines offered are for writing humanities and literature. The handbook available (8thedition) outlines the mechanics of writing and formatting using the style, evaluation of sources, plagiarism issues, and in-text citation.

In-text citations for MLA style involve the author(s) name(s) and the page number, line, minute (as in a television transcript) or anything else denoting the exact place from where the information has been taken from in the paragraph as cited. For example: (Marcus, 45), (Marcus and Lewis, 30) or (Marcus et al, 21). The MLA 8th edition handbook provides information on citation mechanics involving audio-visual resources, indirect quotations, and long quotations as well as mechanics of writing things such as abbreviations in the paper.

As for MLA, there is no separate cover page as the details are written left-indented at the first page. There is no head on the right of the header but just the page number on the left of the header and the writer’s surname spaced a centimeter away from the page number. The title of the paper is in bold and left-indented too, usually approached in the form of a question in most cases. However, MLA has a separate reference page that is headed as ‘Works Cited’. In this section, the list should be arranged alphabetically depending on the name that starts at every reference in the instance many references are used. The names of the author(s) start, the headings are italicized, and the list of works cited has to be double spaced like the rest of the paper. The paper needs to be in Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double spaced.

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Different Types of Essays


An essay is a short section of writing that defines and discusses a certain topic. Delivering a quality paper involves critical thinking strategy for writing a reflective analysis in an organized manner. The subject of the discussion can be analyzed in term of direct, indirect, or even whether funny or severe. There are different kinds of the essay papers written in a different perspective. However, academic writing involves four main types of essays that include a descriptive essay, persuasive essay, expository essay and the narrative essay.

Expository Essays

This type an essay requires a short explanation of an issue, an idea or a theme.  Expository essays are also used in response to the political debate, an event or the work of arts. This type of an article ensures presentation of the analytical balance of a topic. For instance, expository writing embraces on essays that reflect process, the origin of an effect, comparing and contrasting papers. Thus, a favorable explanation article entails presentation of an informative piece that is based on the facts excluding personal feeling.

Persuasive Essays

This impressive piece presents the writer’s intention or the recommendation. The audience or the reader expects representation build on logic and factual ideas. Therefore, the depiction must illustrate an expert opinion that sounds reasonable. The writer is supposed to favor both sides of the argument without the use of the equivocation. Thus, persuasive essay ensures persuasion of the leader through the representation of facts to with the position.

Descriptive Essays

This type of article, present details such as feelings, taste, and sound smell among other of a particular substance. Thus, the essay deals mostly with the sensory details. The descriptive essay gives the reader an attractive atmosphere that keeps the reader on track. The composition builds on the eagerness to know more through a strategic outline of the point. The writer can also focus on the picture of an individual, object, place or the occurrence of a significant episode. The descriptive essay ensures evocation of the emotions of the reader.

Narrative Essays

This type of an article deals with the real life experiences. The knowledge of the situation enables the creation of a story. Students always find it to be challenging to create a story and narrate on it. A narration defines a technique that entails involvement of the audience to facilitate participation. To come up with a good narrative, one should consider drawing a conclusion to the statement presented.

Process essay

A process essay describes how a particular action should be evaluated. The process essay outlines the basic framework that enables accomplishment. For instance, this type of an essay may define a particular personal awareness or a specific task. Therefore, this type of an essay ensures that the procedure of accomplishing the task is clearly outlaid.

Critical Essay

Critical essay facilitates analyses of the weakness, and the strength of the work presented. This type of an article begins with a brief overview of the primary context. The kind of an essay describes how well the creator accomplishes the tasks and the goals. Critical thinking piece can involve summarization of the other essay, poem or even books.

The Cause and the Effect Essay

This type of an article describes reasons for an occurrence of an event and the significant effect resulted. Therefore, the essay focuses on the two experiences. However, the study can apply either the effect essay or the cause-effect. The effect essay defines the repercussion of an inevitable occurrence while the cause describes how an event occurred.

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