Business plan

Type of paper: Business plan

Topic: Operation Proposal

Pages: 2 pages / 550 words

Discipline: Global Operation

Type of service: Writing from scratch

Format or citation style: Harvard


Paper instructions:


Schindler Hong Kong is a company specialized in elevator and escalator design, installation and maintenance. They are now planning to go for an information system  like SAP in order to streamline their operation and cut costs. With two warehouses in North China and Hong Kong, North China warehouse serves North China area ,and Hong Kong warehouse serves South China area and other South Asia countries. Clients are all around the world.


To identify the opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow to this company regarding the global sourcing of vendors who supply the elevator, escalator and especially maintenance parts by implementing an information system and alternatives such as own manufacture or contracting manufacture. As when an elevator has gone out of order, maintenance parts are always required to be delivered promptly to the site for replacement. As such, how they can shorten the lead-time for maintenance parts from vendors to site other than that way of from warehouse. In addition, cost of parts and production are also the most concern, tell more about how this information system can help this company to achieve the goals.


To write a proposal which should/ should not includes:
1)    Company background is “No need”
2)    Identify opportunities/ challenges regarding to global sourcing/own manufacture/ contracting manufacture by implementing information system
3)    Expected outcome
4)    What and how this company can benefit from implementation of information system
5)    Implementation processes
6)    Evaluation of the effects
7)    Contingency plan in case of failure


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