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Article Review

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Summarize the contents of the article by the subject matter, sequence of ideas, or arguments the article makes, in a concise manner. Specifically relate the article to the current knowledge the student has regarding their topic, previously covered course material and articles read in previous courses. What is it really telling the reader about the material? In other words complete a critical analysis of the material read. ** THIS IS NOT AN OPINON SECTION – you will need to reference other materials such as the text when completing this section. USE APA Formatting for all of your references. (Introductory textbooks are not recommended as references – they can be used – but they should not be relied on). • Finally, discuss your reaction to the material. How do you agree or disagree with the author. This reaction should take the form of dialogue not just personal opinion. Was the author informed? Was the author uninformed? Did the author do a complete analysis of the topic? Was the author illogical – did the author support all of his/her claims, were all the authors conclusions supported, were there any inconsistencies? Other Requirements – IMPORTANT!!!: References in APA format should be used throughout the paper. You must reference the author of the article and because you are talking about the article and their work. References should be throughout the article review in each section including the summary, discussion and opinion sections.The assignment should have a reference page in APA format – it should identify all of the references used throughout the paper. When writing the review like any paper it should have an introduction and conclusion. Make sure you have an introductory paragraph telling the reader what you are going talk about – this is separate from the summary section. You should identify the author and the title of the article in the introduction so that everyone knows what the article is called and who wrote it. A concluding paragraph is not a place to introduce new material; it is simply a summation of everything that you wrote in one brief paragraph. This assignment should have a header – stating the students name, course code, page number and date. It should be aligned to the right of the paper in the header section and be single spaced.




                                     Article Review


Asshole is an article written by John Van Maanen whereby he talks about the use of the word asshole as used by the police (Van 1978). The police, especially the ones in the patrol department have a tendency of using the word asshole as an attempt to gain control over a situation. The article focuses on the origin and the consequences of interacting by the use of the name asshole. The police represent moral order but the language they use creates misunderstandings. The article gives information on how the police develop a characterization of suspects based on preconceived notions regarding trust and reliability. The paper is going to review the article by John Van about the use of the word asshole by the police.

Policing and the word Asshole

The word asshole is very powerful and it represents a different type of a person. The word comes from a set of conditions which are not related to the official work of the police. The police use the word to respond to personal and occupational concerns faced by most police in the patrol department. The society grants the police the license to use the word asshole by not governing the actions of the police. The name asshole represents the people who attempt to control the police by telling them what to do. The police distance themselves from the onlookers by using the word by degrading the actions of the citizens hence maintains a social distance (Van 1978).

The police view citizens as having bad motives towards them by making them look bad. The word asshole is a label of people who use an inappropriate scheme to make the police look bad. It is used for occupational purposes whereby the police use the word as a way of enforcing the law. The police view a person they term as an asshole as a representation of many others that are out there hence reaffirming their disgust of the asshole. The asshole stands for the people who the police cannot encounter and confront hence the disgust is directed to the person termed as the asshole. The name asshole describes what the work of the police is about (Van 1978).The police view their critics as suspects hence believe there is a need to teach or castigate them. As a result, the police need to view the public as friends and the future would result in positive outcomes.

The author is able to deliver his topic successfully. The author begins the article by having a compelling introduction which shows the reader the world of the police. I agree with the author on the power and the meaning the word asshole has on both the police and the public. The author was informed on the topic and he carried out an analysis on the topic which dates back from the fifties. All the claims are well supported and the solution that he recommends is logical. The article contains no inconsistencies because all the information given in the article is about things that happen on a daily basis. The conclusions are also well supported with references from previous works (Manning, and Van 1978).


The use of the word asshole by the police is a common occurrence and has deep meaning from the police. The relationship between the police and the public is an issue since the two groups need each other. The society has granted the police a license unintentionally to use the word asshole. The public need accountability from the police rather than professionalism.



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Van Maanen, J. (1978). The asshole. Policing: A view from the street, 221-238.