Comparative study of VCR system with modern refrigerant

The low temperature achieved is dependent on the high pressure of the system. By adding high boiling compound to the existing refrigerant,the performance can be improve by internal cascading of the system.This principle is used to achieve a lower refrigeration temperature with existing system.

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North American Cities

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             North America is the third largest continents globally rich in physical geography, environment, resources and human geography. It hosts many indigenous communities and has continued to grow rapidly with the establishment of various cities and towns. The rise of many North American Cities has been commented on .Ranging from social, cultural and political aspects. The cities continue to flourish attracting researchers and students especially in the field of Anthropology. Apart from physical or descriptive aspects of urban sites, there is need to explore political, cultural and social aspects since every city is unique and diversified. This research paper focuses on the above aspects and provides summaries of at least six cities such as Chicago, Miami, Mexico, Vancouver, Washington DC and San Francisco as required.









It is the second largest city in the world, located in the Middle America and borders the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico between Belize and the U.S. It lies on nearly 2 million square kilometers with its capital being Mexico with a population of approximately 22 million. Mexico City is dominated by the Roman Catholics with a small percentage being Protestants and other religions. It has several ethnic groups with the largest being mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish)-60%, Amerindian (30%), Whites (9%) and 1% comprising of other ethnic groups. Spanish serves as the dominant and official language although other languages like Nahauatl, Maya, Mixteco and Zapteco are spoken by Native Americans. Mexican culture highly values family and puts emphasis on a hierarchical society where men are accorded great respect. Also, the city possess a culinary culture that is extensive and sophisticated with a variety of regional dishes whose main products are corn, hot pepper and beans. It is also the home for arts and films popularly known for telenovelas (soap operas).

Mexican economy is controlled by industries, business and agriculture while higher education is considered a road to socio economic progress. Mexico is governed by a congressional system .In this case, the president of the republic is the head of state and the head of government (federal republic).In Mexico, multiparty democracy is allowed where voters are allowed to elect their leader for a 6 year term in office. Mexico City is a federal district divided into executive, legislative and judiciary as per the constitution (Ríos‐Figueroa, 2007). The president is the head of executive branch and is supported and advised by the cabinet while the legislative is controlled by the congress made of senators and their deputies. Lastly the judiciary is headed by the supreme court of Mexico. Political parties dominating the current political scene include PAN (Partido de Accion National), PRI (Partido Revolutionario Institucional) and PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratico).


It is found on the Atlantic Coast of South Florida in the Southeastern United States and serves as a major port city. It is the eighth most populous city and fourth largest urban area with a population of around 5.5 as per the U.S Census Bureau (United States Census Bureau, 2013).In relation to land area, Miami is one of the smallest major cities in the United States with the city encompassing a total area of 143.1 square kilometers. Miami serves as a centre for finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, arts etc. and ranks 33rd in terms of human capital, cultural experience and political engagement. Ethnic composition of Miami comprises of Hispanic/Latino who are the majority and live below the poverty line, then the whites and lastly blacks or African American.70 % of the inhabitants speak Spanish while 22% speaks English and the rest speaking other languages like French, Portuguese, Haitian creole and other Asian languages. The percentage of English speakers continue to decline following migration.

Christianity is the most prevalent religion in the city, majority being Protestants followed by the Roman Catholic then Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and atheism. Miami’s economy is mainly controlled by tourism from the sunny Miami beaches, corporations, media, entertainment, conventions, festivals etc. although most people live below the poverty line. Education is also highly valued as an economic backbone with Miami being placed 7th in the nation per capita university enrollment. There are different aspects of Miami culture from its newness and incredible diversity. Miami is a home to entertainment venues, theatres, museums, art attracting musicians, dancers, actors and orchestral players. It is also a major fashion centre and a home to models. Music genres in Miami vary from rumba, kompa, zoukbachata, reggae etc. From its diverse population, the cuisine of Miami is heavily influenced by Caribbean and Latin American cuisine combined with American cuisine generating the Floribbean cuisine. The government of the city of Miami is headed by a mayor who works with the 5 city commissioners elected from every district. The city commission has power to pass ordinances, adopt regulations and exercise all powers conferred upon the city as stipulated in the city charter. However, the mayor has powers to appoint a city manager.



Academic Integrity in Higher Education

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Story of Prophet Salih

Story of Prophet Salih
People of Thamood lived in a valley called Al-Hajr in the North of Arabia. It was a good land so everyting grew very easily. Cattle and sheep graze on the land. Everyone had plenty of everything. When people have a lot they sometimes forget Allah. When this hapoens Allah sends a messenger or a prophet to try to help the people to remember Allah but a lot of people just laughed at him and would not listen. He did not give up. He still tried to persuade them to worship Allah and soon people began to listen to Salih . They did not believe Salih was sent by Allah. They wanted him to prove it, they wanted a sign. They told Salih to bring them a camel but it had to be a special camel.

History of the Purple Heart medal

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The one original Purple Heart was designated to be used as a Badge of Military Merit. This was made to be by George Washington who was the commander of the Continental army across the United States



Gen. George Washington is the commander of the United States military who created the given medal in commemoration of the army officials. This was created to make the military men in the country to be awarded for their bravery during war. Within a period of time, the military were not commemorated and this led to the creation of this medal as the first of its kind across the United States.


Bravery in combat was the main intend for the award but after a period of time it fell to its disuse. After a certain period, Gen. Douglas MacArthur started the act of spearheading the revival of the given medal. This time now it changed from being awarded to the brave United States military men during combat to the idea of combined the issue of bravery and commemoration of the given soldiers who had wounds from war.

history of physics

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Microeconomics – See options for topics below.

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In the recent past labor market has been experiencing tremendous changes due to evolving of the internet and easy access to it. Most of the companies have decided to invest intensely on the internet to carry more of their transactions, therefore, changing dynamic in the labor market. Nowadays, having computer knowledge is a requirement to secure any job in almost all world countries. This paper is expected to analyze how the internet is bringing changes to the labor market.

Method of research

The procedure to be used in carrying out research is analyzing the dynamics of markets in the internet era and pre-internet era. This will give a well-detailed comparison of changes that have been experienced from when most organizations started investing in information technology. The different nature of the labor market in two different eras will provide a detailed judgment on how the internet has brought revolution in labor market.

Moreover, the research will analyze on how work is done in this digital era then comparing it with work at the period before the internet. This is because in modern world things have changed past and organizations are using the alternative approach to many of their activities.


One of the changes experienced during the internet era is hiring the model. One qualification for graduates seeking to be recruited in most firms is possessing skills in Information Technology. Most organizations have turned to operate through the use of computers to promote honesty and reduce off unnecessary costs (Karagiannopoulos & Nikolopoulous, 2005). For instance, most organizations are opting to use accounting software such as QuickBooks to promote transparency and accountability.  Therefore, to enable their operations smoothly and efficiently they need to recruits individuals who possess computer skills.

Vetements Ltee

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Vetements Ltee

It is as chain retail clothing that deals with men clothing and which is located throughout out the province of Quebec in Canada. New incentive methods were introduced to both managers as well as sales employees two years ago by the company management (Steven, 2). Stores managers usually receive their annual salary increment depending on factors such as sales that have been made above a targeted amount, customer complains, store inventory management together with other performance factors (Steven, 2). Senior management makes regular visits so as to be able to make such observations that enable them when determining the rate of increment of the store manager salaries. Other records such as sales volume are obtained from the company records. On the other side, sales employees usually receive their sales and additional commission depending on the amount of sales made. The commission is majorly used as a way of motivating the sales employees in improving the sales volume which will then directly increase the profit that the company will make. Each and every organization has its own means of motivating their employees (Steven, 3). Monetary terms are usually the best means of motivating any group of employees. The commission that this group of employees in this company receive is about 30% of their general salaries. However, they are discouraged from making sales of products that customers do not want as any cases of returned merchandise is subtracted from their commission.

Senior managers started receiving many complaints from store managers concerning the performance of the store staffs immediately the new incentives were put in place. This meant that they were no pleased by this new system (Steven, 4). Such cases in any company can serve as a demotivating factor to any group of employees. They were competition of customers in the stores as each and every sales employee was struggling to receive customers and tag them as theirs (Steven, 4). There were many arguments in the entrances to the stores about the owners of the customers. This was a major problem which made the management to have some concern on the issue as cases of intimidating the customers were also reported. Some parts of the stores also could not be effectively attended as the employees were busy struggling to gain employees that could make them able to earn better commissions. There was a lot o concern from many managers concerning inventory duties.

FINAL PROJECT For this final assignment, we ask that you reflect on the reading and writing you’ve done this semester

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Influence of language to community development

Part 1

The best way of expressing language is in the setting of verbal communication. This is due to the fact that through this, one is able to express a certain feeling in different ways thus enhancing how an individual understands this. Nonverbal communication or rather formal communication that involves the use of written language lacks this ability to express the mode or other stylistic devices that may be influential in delivering the message that one wants to deliver (Dell, 12). It is through verbal communication that other stylistic devices such as intonation, tonal variation as well as facial expression can be expressed. Thus the use of language in the form of verbal communication is very important in determining the quality of the language that is delivered.

The community is a term that is simple for one to use but hard when it comes to explaining what it really means. A community is just a group of people that have a common factor or characteristic. This characteristic can either be the same locality or at other times they are located the same locality (Dell, 12). Being a member of a certain community just involves practicing as well as enforcing the rules or the culture that is impressed by a certain group of individuals. Each member of any community has a great impact that he or she has to put on such community that may include participating in the development of the community, taking part in passing the norms of the community to the incoming members of the society or taking part of any other development activity that the community is supposed to take part in. this is proud of being a member of a certain community (Dell, 12).

There are some key requirements for anyone so as to be regarded a member of a certain community. One of such requirement is love. For one to be accredited as a member of the community, he or she must have love to each and every member of the community that one belongs to. He or she has to be connected to the members of such a community. There is a need for a connection to existing between the members of such a community for one to be regarded a member of a community (Dell, 12). Each member of a community should be able to offer support to the other members of the society. This is meant so as to bring unity to the community that one belongs.  These are considered to be the basic requirements of anyone to be regarded as a member of such community and above all, one must have the core values of such a community.

There are several factors that may lead to an individual being disowned by a certain community. One of these factors is lack of the key characters that give the members of that community ownership. This may come when someone loses his or her value to an extent that he or she cannot be regarded as a member of the community anymore. Each and every member of any community has the mandate of following the rules and regulations that drive such a community and failure to follow these may lead to one losing his or her membership to such a community. In addition to this, those members of the society that do not participate in uniting the community may also be regarded as outsiders of such a community (Dell, 12).

There is the possibility of some members of the community being members of more than one community at the same time despite that this is not common. This depends on the ability of an individual to balance more than one community demands. For one to be a member of more than one community, he or she needs to empress the core values of these communities at the same time and be able to balance them. This is important as it helps in building a multi-community relationship that may help in bringing peace and oneness in the society. This is one way of creating bonds within the extensive society that can help in ensuring that there is no division of individuals among their lines of communal groups.

Human Resource Management towards Organizational Effectiveness

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Employee orientation is important, but sometimes neglected part of the hiring process. It is the process of welcoming a new employees and introducing them to the organization, their co-employees, and orientating them about the scope of their work as well as the expectations that are related to their position (Armstrong, 2010). A well-conducted orientation/induction can instill positive attitudes about the company and ensures a quick adjustment and adaptation of the newly hired employees. It also decreases the likelihood of performance problems that are rooted from misunderstandings or misconceptions about the company programs, policies or operational methods (Armstrong, 2010). Furthermore, the more time and effort an employer puts into helping new-hires get off on the right foot, the less likely it is that workers will leave their jobs and that the employer will have to start the hiring process over again.


Major objectives for carrying out orientation for new employees is because of the following reasons; to gain the commitment of the employees to the organization, reduce the anxiety of the employee before starting his or her duties, orientation enable the new recruits to understand the expectations of the organization to them as well as the organization also conveys to the new employee what they should expect from job (Armstrong, 2010). Organization that ensures that their new recruits have undergo through a good orientation end up getting a good working team. The purpose of this document is to have a thorough evaluation of the organizational performance planning of the chosen company and to develop tools for improving company’s human resource management towards organizational effectiveness, employee retention by providing motivating factors such as giving rewards and recognition.