Toyota Corporation

Activity Instruction In this assignment, you will submit your final operations improvement plan (OIP). Your final OIP should be divided into five basic components: Process Identification. Process Improvement. Defining the Problem Statement. Measurement Strategy. Data Collection and Evaluation Tools. You have developed each of these components as individual assignments and you have updated them as your OIP has developed. Take into consideration all of the research and groundwork you have completed thus far. Incorporate feedback from previous assignments as well as the tools, techniques, and methodologies you have examined throughout the course. Finalize your comprehensive OIP as if you were to present it as a formal recommendation to the organizational leaders of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Focus your writing appropriately for that audience. Your final OIP should include the following elements: A problem statement, including an overview of the Toyota recall crisis, with a brief history and description of the situation. A description of the key challenge or problem you have chosen to address in Toyota’s organizational processes, and an analysis of its organizational impact, based on theories and models of global operations management. An executive summary of the collected and processed data (actual data, if possible, or assumed data, if necessary). A cost-benefit analysis based on your data. A description of your innovative and sustainable solution that reflects strategic global operations management concepts and practices. Your recommendations for supporting the improvement of the selected process, based on practices of global operations management. An explanation of the data or findings that validates your recommendations. The visuals, diagrams, and flowcharts you have developed to support and integrate your analysis into general business management planning and decision-making processes. A conclusion. A comprehensive reference list.

Budget development in eeducation

Utilizing what you learned in Good to Great by Jim Collins, describe the budgeting process used to develop and implement your Week 6 Budget Development project. Use the information from the Week 6 project to describe how decisions were made and the role of a financial leader in education. Support your decisions with a minimum of 10 references. The paper must be 20 pages. You may draw from assignments in this class, but you may not copy them word for word. Text that is found to be copied in part or whole from previous assignments in this or other courses will be consider plagiarism and subject to the academic integrity policy of the University. This component of the Budget Development project represents 15% of your grade so strong supportive material is critical. The Budget Summary should include five areas: leadership in budget development, the impact of staffing in budget development, where an organization gets revenue, key factors that impact expenses, and the role of focus and discipline on budgeting. The summary should be written in APA format. References should support each of the five areas mentioned above. The Budget and Brief from week 6 has been uploaded for your reference.

Choose a work of art or design that you consider to be significant. Imagine that the work had never been made. How would the world be worse off( 0r better off) without it?

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The materials I uploaded is an article i found online that i think it might help. My point of view is that the world would be worse off without this “I love NY” sign, because of the decreased in the number of tourisms, also is a example of how a single piece of art/design can change the culture, etc.

European Union

Type of paper: Research paper
Topic: European Union
Pages: 5 pages / 1375 words
Discipline: Political science
Type of service: Writing from scratch
Format or citation style: APA
Paper instructions:
some topics about the European union. major organization and development to the European Union. Composed of 27 states, moving towards integration, facing challenges, citizens are not in favor institution of European Union. And other topics about European Union.

Andrew Carnegie and William Graham Sumner

Type of paper:Critical thinking
Topic:Andrew Carnegie and William Graham Sumner
Pages:3 pages / 825 words
Type of service:Writing from scratch
Format or citation style:MLA
Paper instructions:
Read the Sumner and Carnegie essays. In an essay, answer the following questions.
What is Andrew Carnegie’s thesis? What was the argument that he was trying to make?
What is Sumner’s primary thesis? What was the argument that the was trying to make?
According to Carnegie, in what ways will the reap the benefits of philanthropic efforts.
According to William Graham Sumner (Document 16.5), how are reformers mistaken in their attempts to help the poor?
Do Sumner (Document 16.5) and Andrew Carnegie (Document 16.7) agree on whether the wealthy have a responsibility to help the poor? If not, in what ways do they differ?
Uploaded additional materials:

college education should be free

Basic Requirements: • MLA formatting • 1,100-1,300 words + Works Cited page • Citations from at least three sources. Of the three sources, the first must be a print book/e-book (with a bibliography) obtained from the library OR a scholarly journal from the library databases; the second must be information from a government website; and the third must be a recent (2016-2017) opinion piece from a newspaper or magazine (online newspapers or magazines are acceptable, but you may not use blogs). You may use additional sources, but make sure you have at least the three sources

Module 10 Written Assignment – Contemporary Issues and Trends

Module 10 Written Assignment – Contemporary Issues and Trends


  • Nursing
  • Essay (any type), 3 pages

In this written assignment, identify one specific contemporary issue or trend that you are interested in learning more about. Choose from the categories below. For example you might want to learn more about why it is more difficult for some groups to receive care than others, which would fall under Client Access to Care. Or, you might want to compare nursing practice in the U.S. with how nurses practice in Japan, which would fall under the category of Global Healthcare and Nursing. Global Healthcare and Nursing Healthcare Reform U.S. Healthcare Financing Nursing’s Role in the U.S. Healthcare System Integrative Healthcare Nursing Leadership and Management Nursing Education Nursing Practice Nursing Professionalism Advancing Nursing as a Profession Client Access to Care Delivering Client Care Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration Ethical Practices in Healthcare Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery Health/Nursing Informatics Once the issue or trend is identified, find five important/significant facts about it, substantiated by an evidence-based article or reference. Include the article or references in your submission


How is soil moisture affected by tree size/abundance?

Paper instructions:

Answer the following questing based on the research paper: ( Final 1 is the paper that i have attached)

– Restate your hypothesis, given evidence as to why you’re accepting or rejecting it. Biological reasoning, so what?

Also i need 3 graphs from the results section and from the excel data that i have attached.

Graph 1) Line Q – Density with soil moisture
Graph 2) Comparison between 2 reservations
Graph 3) All data set from the excel sheet.

Forest Vegetation Analysis has a list of graphs that and out of them 3 of the graphs are needed to be used based on the research paper.

Uploaded additional materials: