Court Life of Japanese and Samurai Way of Life

Court Life of Japanese and Samurai Way of Life

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Attached are the directions for Paper 5, please disregard pre-writing 5 instructions and only focus on the fifth paper assignment. Also attached are the readings where you must get your sources from. There are 3 different sources that must all be incorporated in the paper, 8.3,8.5 A and B, and 8.6. I will also attach a cover of the book so you can properly cite in Chicago style. 500-600 words. ALSO must have a clear thesis statement!!! very important. Please contact if you have any further questions, thank you



                Court Life of Japanese and Samurai Way of Life

Samurai way life involved domination of the people by a male whereby initially, the Japanese people were rule by some of the female who also participate in property inheritance. Nevertheless, female who were raised during the samurai period were impacted a culture that stipulated that female were inferior as compared to male. The people focuses on the loyal life of the Japanese in reference to the samurai way of life.

According to the samurai way of life, marriages were arrange by the female which incorporate culture such as bearing of the male child who would later inherit the properties. Reference to some classification, lower class women experience difficult life situation as compared to the noble counterparts. Although noble seemed to encounter better they did not have much freedom as compared to the lower class women during the period of the samurai.

According to the samurai culture, individuals who involved themselves in activities such as poetry and acting novels were classified as wealthy individuals. In the life of the Japanese, the women seemed to have achieved many right and they took part in some activities such as readership roles. In time women role as leaders seemed to decrease with time. The structure adopted diminished with time and the role gradually changed.

Keeping up the family was the principle obligation of samurai ladies. This was particularly urgent amid early Japan, when warrior spouses were frequently voyaging abroad or occupied with faction fights. The spousewas left to deal with all family unit undertakings, look after the youngsters, and maybe even shield the home persuasively. Therefore, numerous ladies of the samurai class were prepared in using, which they could use to secure their family, family, and respect if the need emerged.


Attributes esteemed in ladies of the samurai class were modesty, submission, discretion, quality, and dependability. Preferably, a samurai spouse would be gifted at overseeing property, keeping records, managing money related matters, instructing the kids and tending to elderly guardians or in-laws that might live under her rooftop. Confucian law, which characterized individual connections and the code of morals of the warrior class required that a lady indicate subservience to her significant other, dutiful devotion to her folks, and care to the kids. A lot of adoration and love was likewise said to enjoy and ruin the youths. Along these lines, a lady was additionally to practice teach.

Despite the fact that ladies of wealthier samurai families delighted in advantages of their raised position in the public arena, for example, maintaining a strategic distance from the physical work that those of lower classes regularly occupied with, they were still seen as far underneath men. Ladies were denied from participating in any political undertakings and were generally not the leaders of their family unit.

According to the detailed information provided, it is evident that samurai way of life diverted from the loyal way of the Japanese. The result come up with new approach to the new life situations. Although changes emerged during that period samurai, thesediversification did not influence the loyalty of the society.








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Strayer, Robert W., and Eric W. Nelson. 2016. Thinking through sources for ways of the world. Boston: Bedford/St Martin’s.

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Article Review

Article Review

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Summarize the contents of the article by the subject matter, sequence of ideas, or arguments the article makes, in a concise manner. Specifically relate the article to the current knowledge the student has regarding their topic, previously covered course material and articles read in previous courses. What is it really telling the reader about the material? In other words complete a critical analysis of the material read. ** THIS IS NOT AN OPINON SECTION – you will need to reference other materials such as the text when completing this section. USE APA Formatting for all of your references. (Introductory textbooks are not recommended as references – they can be used – but they should not be relied on). • Finally, discuss your reaction to the material. How do you agree or disagree with the author. This reaction should take the form of dialogue not just personal opinion. Was the author informed? Was the author uninformed? Did the author do a complete analysis of the topic? Was the author illogical – did the author support all of his/her claims, were all the authors conclusions supported, were there any inconsistencies? Other Requirements – IMPORTANT!!!: References in APA format should be used throughout the paper. You must reference the author of the article and because you are talking about the article and their work. References should be throughout the article review in each section including the summary, discussion and opinion sections.The assignment should have a reference page in APA format – it should identify all of the references used throughout the paper. When writing the review like any paper it should have an introduction and conclusion. Make sure you have an introductory paragraph telling the reader what you are going talk about – this is separate from the summary section. You should identify the author and the title of the article in the introduction so that everyone knows what the article is called and who wrote it. A concluding paragraph is not a place to introduce new material; it is simply a summation of everything that you wrote in one brief paragraph. This assignment should have a header – stating the students name, course code, page number and date. It should be aligned to the right of the paper in the header section and be single spaced.




                                     Article Review


Asshole is an article written by John Van Maanen whereby he talks about the use of the word asshole as used by the police (Van 1978). The police, especially the ones in the patrol department have a tendency of using the word asshole as an attempt to gain control over a situation. The article focuses on the origin and the consequences of interacting by the use of the name asshole. The police represent moral order but the language they use creates misunderstandings. The article gives information on how the police develop a characterization of suspects based on preconceived notions regarding trust and reliability. The paper is going to review the article by John Van about the use of the word asshole by the police.

Policing and the word Asshole

The word asshole is very powerful and it represents a different type of a person. The word comes from a set of conditions which are not related to the official work of the police. The police use the word to respond to personal and occupational concerns faced by most police in the patrol department. The society grants the police the license to use the word asshole by not governing the actions of the police. The name asshole represents the people who attempt to control the police by telling them what to do. The police distance themselves from the onlookers by using the word by degrading the actions of the citizens hence maintains a social distance (Van 1978).

The police view citizens as having bad motives towards them by making them look bad. The word asshole is a label of people who use an inappropriate scheme to make the police look bad. It is used for occupational purposes whereby the police use the word as a way of enforcing the law. The police view a person they term as an asshole as a representation of many others that are out there hence reaffirming their disgust of the asshole. The asshole stands for the people who the police cannot encounter and confront hence the disgust is directed to the person termed as the asshole. The name asshole describes what the work of the police is about (Van 1978).The police view their critics as suspects hence believe there is a need to teach or castigate them. As a result, the police need to view the public as friends and the future would result in positive outcomes.

The author is able to deliver his topic successfully. The author begins the article by having a compelling introduction which shows the reader the world of the police. I agree with the author on the power and the meaning the word asshole has on both the police and the public. The author was informed on the topic and he carried out an analysis on the topic which dates back from the fifties. All the claims are well supported and the solution that he recommends is logical. The article contains no inconsistencies because all the information given in the article is about things that happen on a daily basis. The conclusions are also well supported with references from previous works (Manning, and Van 1978).


The use of the word asshole by the police is a common occurrence and has deep meaning from the police. The relationship between the police and the public is an issue since the two groups need each other. The society has granted the police a license unintentionally to use the word asshole. The public need accountability from the police rather than professionalism.



Manning, P. K., & Van Maanen, J. (Eds.). (1978). Policing: A view from the street (pp. 85-86). Chicago, IL: Goodyear Publishing Company.

Van Maanen, J. (1978). The asshole. Policing: A view from the street, 221-238.



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Summarize the contents of the article by the subject matter, sequence of ideas, or arguments the article makes, in a concise manner Specifically relate the article to the current knowledge the student has regarding their topic, previously covered course material and articles read in previous courses


Across the world, the police department major role is to ensure that citizens follow the rule of law. It is, however, true that in their line of duty, the actions of police officers are affected by organizational and environmental factors. In a way these factors will have an impact on how the officer in question performs his or her duties. Following this allegation, a research was conducted to find out how organizational and environmental determinants affect police activities. This was not an easy task because information the researcher required was not easily provided by the police agencies.

One thing that was noted is that the beside the size of the police organization,other aspects affect how law enforcers carry out their duties, for example, police officers are not supposed to report to anyone the number of people they kill during an operating. The research concluded that some organizational determinants of police activities will include, complexity of the task, technology, culture, span of control, coupling and many others. To understand these determinants and how they affect the police activities, an officers working at a bureaucratization department serves the role of helping the citizens instead of that of a law enforcer (Raines, 2010).

In the conclusion, the ideas presented by the author are logical in that in a given work area, there factors that will affect how workers perform their activities. In this context, we find a police officer providing services to the community but at other scenario, the same police officer serves a very different role. Following how the author urged his facts, it is clear that he was well informed on the topic he presented. Reflecting on the objective of this research, it is true that both organizational and environmental forces affect police activities.




Raines, J. B. (2010). Ethics in policing: Misconduct and integrity. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

What do you think of the ideas presented about writing?

Paper instructions:
Video Viewing:  Lesson #6: Building Arguments

Video response #3:

Write a 2 page response about the ideas in the assigned video.

Type of paper:Essay (any type)
Topic:Any topic (writer’s choice)
Pages:2 pages / 550 words
Discipline:English and Literature
Type of service:Writing from scratch
Format or citation style:APA
Responses should be personal but analytical and focused on

writing: what do you think of the ideas presented about writing?

What ideas are useful?  How can you apply these ideas to your

writing?  Incorporate specific examples and quotes to support

your ideas.

What do you think of the ideas presented about writing?

The video has presented useful ideas on how one can be in a position to write a fascinating essay.  The video has presented various examples that help the viewer to understand exactly how to write an interesting and an outstanding essay.  For instance, it has presented an example of a dog that was looking for a woman. This example helps one to know what he or she should understand before they start writing down their essay. As it is evidenced, it is crucial to first have observed and then create a connection to the observation.  I think that some of the ideas that are presented in this video are helped in our writing. This is because one can use them when he or she is confronted with difficulties in writing essays. As we have seen, it is vital to have the introductory part as it gives the entire ideas that will be listed in the rest of the essay.

In addition, it is crucial to summarize the entire essay in order to give the marker what exactly the essay entails.  John Steinbeck once quoted that “ideas are like rabbits”. This is to say that when one gets the notion, he or she will be in a position to utilize them. For instance, as Jada who is the main protagonist in the video observes how the dog behaves, she has gotten various ways of writing her essay. With this perspective, it can be seen that some of thee ideas that were  presented in this video about writing are more important to all people. This is because one can be in a position to utilize them. In addition to this, every viewer can have a go ahead to begin her essay. The fact that sometimes writing essay is a complex work, it can be seen that these ideas presented in this video are of great help to all writers as they can incorporate them in their entire writing.

What ideas are useful?  How can you apply these ideas to your writing?  Incorporate specific examples and quotes to support your ideas.

As it is seen, some of the ideas that are presented in the entire video are of great important especially to us. This is because; one can apply them to his or her writing. The fact that writing an essay is sometimes a complex or a hard job, it is crucial to know the write format on how to write a fascinating essay. This is one of the useful ideas derived from the video. Through the main protagonist of the video, one can be in a position to know how to write an outstanding essay that will please his or her reader. Another useful idea presented in this video is the use of pronoun. They have demonstrated various examples where the first pronoun fits. They have also demonstrated the use of passive and active voice. A good example of perceive voice is when one says that the “ball was thrown by Mark”. One the other hand, one could also start by Mark being the subject of the sentence. For instance, Mark threw the ball. With this in mind, one can argue that the ideas that were presented in the entire video are useful as they can be incorporated when one is writing essay. They can also be used to make an essay sound more interesting.




  • Criminology
  • Research Paper, 2 pages

In a 2–4-page paper, describe a personal experience in which you or someone you know had to make a moral decision—for example, cheating on an exam, stealing out of necessity, or being forced to give up a personal freedom. Include the following in your paper: How did you approach the situation? What steps or actions would or should you take? What are some of the positive and negative consequences for the action that you take? Based on your answer, what ethical theory best describes your approach? Define and critique the differences between the concepts of morality and ethics. Are there similarities between the two concepts? Describe moral principles (beneficence, least harm, respect for autonomy, and justice). Incorporate normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics, and discuss one or more the following modern ethical theories: consequentialism, deontology, and virtue theories, taken from utilitarianism, Kantianism, and Aristotelianism. Relate free will and reason theories to the moral or ethical dilemma


Moral decision
It was an early morning I was in a rush to go to work. I had been stuck in traffic for half an hour or so. I was running late and I could not afford to waste any time. With time, traffic flowed and within five minutes the roads were clear. I drove hastily to ensure that I did not arrive late. On my way, I came across a lady that was besieged with a flat tire. I was in a hurry. Therefore, if I decided to help her out I would inevitably run late (for an estimated twenty minutes, which was not against corporate rules). If I chose to ignore her, my conscience would not give me rest. After weighing the two implications, I decided to help out the lady. After approaching the lady and assessing the extent of damage. I discovered that the tire could only be fixed by a mechanic (an expert). I offered the lady a ride to the nearest mechanic shop. The lady was escorted by one of the mechanics to where she had parked her car. The lady took off (to get her vehicle fixed) and I took off to work.
Impacts of the decision I decided to make
By deciding to give the lady a ride, I was able to assist her in solving her current problem. The lady was able to get her car fixed hence; she proceeded with her daily activities without struggle (through my behavior I was able to maximize goodness). On a rather negative note, I arrived at work fifteen minutes past time. According to the work place policies, a worker is penalized if he or she arrives an hour after the set time. Therefore, I was on the “safer side”. Judging by the impacts of the decision I made, it is evident that the positive outweigh the negative.
The ethical approach I incorporated
Judging by the decision I made, it is correct to say that I incorporated the consequential ethical approach. The consequential approach is one that requires one to assess the impacts of a decision before making it. Before I decided to help the lady out, I assessed the implications that would follow. I discovered that I would arrive twenty minutes (or so) late. However, this implication would not compare to the guilt I would feel, if I chose to ignore the lady. After weighing the two, I chose to confidently push through with the decision I made (Spinoza, 2001).
Concepts of morality and ethics
Ethics may be described as rules that are set by an external source requiring an individual to follow each rule. On the other hand, morals are rules or principles that are set by the individual. There are certain differences between ethics and morals. Ethics are governed by factors such as legal and professional principles. These legal and professional principles change over time, meaning that the ethics change over time too. On the other hand, morals are governed by norms and principles (such as least harm beneficence, justice, and respect for autonomy) that take time to change, meaning that morals do not change over time. The two notions also have similarities. Both relate in the sense that, they dwell on two similar aspects. The two (ethics and morals) rely fully on being right or wrong (Spinoza, 2001).
The virtues approach
The virtues theory is a theory that incorporates virtues such as goodness, kindness, and so on. The virtues are used to offer guidance to people, when it comes to distinguishing right from wrong. In the virtues approach, people are encouraged to embrace good character that will in turn enable them to make moral decisions that meet the conform to the ethics (Gardiner, 2005).

Gardiner, S. M. (2005). Virtue ethics, old and new. Ithaca, N.Y: Cornell University.
Spinoza, B. . (2001). Ethics. Ware: Wordsworth Editions.


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