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MLA referencing style is one of the commonest styles used in modern academic papers. The MLA Handbook 8th edition provides guidelines for the contemporary use of referencing using the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. In most instances, the guidelines offered are for writing humanities and literature. The handbook available (8thedition) outlines the mechanics of writing and formatting using the style, evaluation of sources, plagiarism issues, and in-text citation.

In-text citations for MLA style involve the author(s) name(s) and the page number, line, minute (as in a television transcript) or anything else denoting the exact place from where the information has been taken from in the paragraph as cited. For example: (Marcus, 45), (Marcus and Lewis, 30) or (Marcus et al, 21). The MLA 8th edition handbook provides information on citation mechanics involving audio-visual resources, indirect quotations, and long quotations as well as mechanics of writing things such as abbreviations in the paper.

As for MLA, there is no separate cover page as the details are written left-indented at the first page. There is no head on the right of the header but just the page number on the left of the header and the writer’s surname spaced a centimeter away from the page number. The title of the paper is in bold and left-indented too, usually approached in the form of a question in most cases. However, MLA has a separate reference page that is headed as ‘Works Cited’. In this section, the list should be arranged alphabetically depending on the name that starts at every reference in the instance many references are used. The names of the author(s) start, the headings are italicized, and the list of works cited has to be double spaced like the rest of the paper. The paper needs to be in Times New Roman font, font size 12, and double spaced.