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Research Paper Writing Service is a research paper writing service that acknowledges the stress that students encounter in regards to writing quality proposals, research projects, dissertations, and Custom essays. With this consideration in mind, provides an avenue where students meet professional writers to assist them in their research projects- offering them guidance at a relatively affordable price. provides research writing assistance in over 50 disciplines. With over three hundred active writers on the website, the site presents students with many options from which to choose from and select an editor of their choice. The simple steps in placing an order involve posting the necessary assignment details, placing the order on auction for writers to place their bids, selecting a writer, and hiring the chosen writer to complete the order.

The website offers writers’ details on their profiles, giving customers the opportunity to vet writers on their own and make an informed decision when hiring a writer. The information provided includes ratings, customer feedback, assignments completed, and area of expertise. In addition, the plagiarism policy at ensures that the clients get original papers written from scratch. The research service recognizes plagiarism as an excellent academic evil and fraud and therefore all writers are aware that customers expect original papers at all times.

With, a customer is guaranteed to get quality research papers written by professional writers at the lowest and most affordable price. Besides, the website ensures that the papers are free of plagiarism- original work written from scratch. Customers are also allowed to get unlimited revisions free until they are satisfied the requirements were met fully. As soon as a writer is hired, work is supposed to begin immediately and uploaded before the agreed time-frame. However, customers can follow up on the progress of their research paper by seeking draft uploads from the writers. This will ensure that instructions are being followed, and it will avoid any problems that may be encountered with the need for revisions past the deadline. is a research paper writing service that accepts online payments only. Payment for these research papers can be made through payment methods provided on the web page. The website offers the competitively cheap prices for the quality it offers. This means that student with difficulties or experiencing problems with writing up their research papers can get quality and winning papers at an affordable price. In case of any questions, the support team is available to chat all day long. Besides, an email is provided for any questions or issues the customer would like addressed by the administrator such as payment and assignment problems.


Different Types of Essays


An essay is a short section of writing that defines and discusses a certain topic. Delivering a quality paper involves critical thinking strategy for writing a reflective analysis in an organized manner. The subject of the discussion can be analyzed in term of direct, indirect, or even whether funny or severe. There are different kinds of the essay papers written in a different perspective. However, academic writing involves four main types of essays that include a descriptive essay, persuasive essay, expository essay and the narrative essay.

Expository Essays

This type an essay requires a short explanation of an issue, an idea or a theme.  Expository essays are also used in response to the political debate, an event or the work of arts. This type of an article ensures presentation of the analytical balance of a topic. For instance, expository writing embraces on essays that reflect process, the origin of an effect, comparing and contrasting papers. Thus, a favorable explanation article entails presentation of an informative piece that is based on the facts excluding personal feeling.

Persuasive Essays

This impressive piece presents the writer’s intention or the recommendation. The audience or the reader expects representation build on logic and factual ideas. Therefore, the depiction must illustrate an expert opinion that sounds reasonable. The writer is supposed to favor both sides of the argument without the use of the equivocation. Thus, persuasive essay ensures persuasion of the leader through the representation of facts to with the position.

Descriptive Essays

This type of article, present details such as feelings, taste, and sound smell among other of a particular substance. Thus, the essay deals mostly with the sensory details. The descriptive essay gives the reader an attractive atmosphere that keeps the reader on track. The composition builds on the eagerness to know more through a strategic outline of the point. The writer can also focus on the picture of an individual, object, place or the occurrence of a significant episode. The descriptive essay ensures evocation of the emotions of the reader.

Narrative Essays

This type of an article deals with the real life experiences. The knowledge of the situation enables the creation of a story. Students always find it to be challenging to create a story and narrate on it. A narration defines a technique that entails involvement of the audience to facilitate participation. To come up with a good narrative, one should consider drawing a conclusion to the statement presented.

Process essay

A process essay describes how a particular action should be evaluated. The process essay outlines the basic framework that enables accomplishment. For instance, this type of an essay may define a particular personal awareness or a specific task. Therefore, this type of an essay ensures that the procedure of accomplishing the task is clearly outlaid.

Critical Essay

Critical essay facilitates analyses of the weakness, and the strength of the work presented. This type of an article begins with a brief overview of the primary context. The kind of an essay describes how well the creator accomplishes the tasks and the goals. Critical thinking piece can involve summarization of the other essay, poem or even books.

The Cause and the Effect Essay

This type of an article describes reasons for an occurrence of an event and the significant effect resulted. Therefore, the essay focuses on the two experiences. However, the study can apply either the effect essay or the cause-effect. The effect essay defines the repercussion of an inevitable occurrence while the cause describes how an event occurred.

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Research Paper Writing is a research paper writing service where students can get their research projects, proposals, dissertations, and thesis completed by highly experienced and professional writers at an affordable price in simple steps. Besides writing papers for students, offers writing assistance on research papers in over 50 disciplines. With over three hundred writers waiting to offer their services to students, the student will undoubtedly have a wide pool of options to choose from in the website. The simple steps involve posting the assignment details on the provided template and discipline, then placing the order on auction for writers to place their bids.


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